What To Do When You Hate What You’ve Written

Great post! Had to share it!!

K.M. Allan

If you ask any writer to compare the first thing they’ve written to their latest work, it’d be safe to say that the first writing effort is cringe-worthy, while the latest shows how much they’ve grown as a writer. The act of writing creates a better author, and when you’re a few books deep with months or years of daily writing under your belt, you are going to be much better at placing words, knowing what to leave out, and crafting characters, plots, and twists.

So where does that leave your first clumsy attempt? The story you thought was the best writing you’d ever done, the manuscript you gave to others to read, the one that is currently sitting in slush piles or attached to query emails? What do you do with the words you’ve been working on for years that you’ve recently come to realize you hate?


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