Let It Go

Take a breath, let it out, let it go, let it all go, all the misery, all the agony, and the memories, all the bullshit, let it go, let it all go, and just breathe... © 2018 Grabbety Covens The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch


Mere Moments

Far too often, do I partake of the fountain of memory, and tarry too long in its waters, the joy it brings is just a bit more than the sorrow; I dwell in yesterday, for today is lonesome and there is no hope In tomorrow, not for a hoarder of misery, who abides among the …


Cold seeps in, penetrating, pounding appendages, icy flames surge, silently scream, seizing, snatching, grabbing my attention, refusing to ease their frozen deathly fury... uncomfortably numb, unrelenting agony; desperate for relief, ravenous desires for warmth consume me yet I find no relief... heat escapes, it cannot penetrate, the cold is too deep, it’s clutches...too firm, secure, …

Almost Perfect

Almost perfect, almost, but not quite right, not in your eyes, I used to be, once, so long ago... now, you despise me, I’m at a loss, as to the cause, what made me fall, into your cold abyss, shut out for eternity, love lost, discarded, bridge burned, white hot, ice cold, shattered soul, for …


I almost loved again, but I couldn’t let go, not of you, but the pain, maybe fear, or both... my heart was willing, but my soul said no... © 2018 Grabbety Covens ***The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch***


Time has been kind to you, in the sweetest of ways... so easy to see, ageless beauty and grace, seeping from within, outward and beyond, effecting all that surrounds, like a magical wand, no one else compares, nor ever could, to you... © 2018 Grabbety Covens ***The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch***