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Sometimes, somewhere in the midst of all those words, lies the heart of it all... and the rest no longer matters... they only guide us to the truth. ©️ 2019 Grabbety Covens Image Credit:

If I Could Fly

If I could fly, leaving my troubles below, I wonder how far I would go, before I came back ‘round, descending to the ground, and into your arms, enticed by your charms... beautifully crafted fantasies, drafted from my own fallacies... I live the lie I thought was true, I can’t walk this life without you... …

Upon The Page

Meanwhile, on The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch…

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Never knowing what to say,

plagues me in so many ways,

especially upon the page,

occasionally leading to outrage,

more often than not, honestly,

a cursed voodoo prophecy?

or a frustrated writer wannabe?

a little of both, possibly…

ok, mostly just the latter,

and too much on my platter,

dreams of success shatter,

does that really even matter?

when all is ‘said’ and done…

but I haven’t ‘said’ one

word of relevance since I begun,

so the curse, or frustration, won,

does that mean I lose?

or haven’t paid my dues,

who gets to choose?

how much is enough to defuse,

this wretched mind being confused,

nothing is ever enough,

no path is too rough,

or choice too tough,

to end the curse or give life up,

so, the battle rages on,

from sunset to dawn,

until the curse is gone,

and words are spawned,

upon the page…

© 2018…

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Life is made in mistakes, mending after the brakes, crawling through the fire, reaching even higher, towards the highest goal, redemption for a lost soul... © 2018 Grabbety Covens The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch


Living with memories, I’m dying to forget, a life full of tragedies, I’ve learned to accept, bad luck is all I had, and misery, all I know, they made me what I am, and scarred my soul, forever... © 2018 Grabbety Covens The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Why Research Is Important For A Fiction Writer

Fabulous! Very helpful information!!

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

So you have the title, the plot,  the names of the characters and you’re furiously writing down that one story that you always wanted to write – the murder mystery in the Alps… but wait, you don’t even know what the Alps look like!


You research through the ubiquitous-online-hoard-of-information – Google – about the beautiful mountain range that has inspired poetry, prose and art for so many years, and then realise that there’s quite a lot you don’t know about the Alps, except that they’re in Europe. Then you come to realise that you will need to decide a place where the murder takes place (like a city or a town or a hovel), you need a map that shows you the major roads and the most important landmarks in that city/town/hovel (because you’d like readers to feel like they are in the Alps), you need to know the…

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