Mistakes, I’ve made a few, but my greatest, no doubt, is you, gone from my hand, and I never knew you were there... you were, and are, too good for me, way out of my league, so I acted like I didn’t care, but I didn’t know, and, my god, do I care, but you’re …

freefalling butterflies

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A Writer's Soul

To my own eyes be true, but it’s so hard when I have been blinded by you,
By affection that is not mine to take, mine to have.
The way we are together alone, when there are not witnesses, no questions,
No one to tell us this love is so, so wrong,
But darling, two wrongs have to make a right eventually.
Let’s commit to things that keep men sedated and woman lingering longer.
Allow me to lead you down a path of temptation and sin and wonder and passion,
And we’ll both pretend not to love every minute of it.

The game is only as dangerous as we let it,
But we both know playing with fire is just as intoxicating as this taboo love,
No one can say when this little game began,
But the rules and stakes have grown more thrilling with each passing turn,
Each stroke…

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collateral beauty

Wonderful post…


some days,

i feel everything,

all at once

and others

i feel nothing at all,

i feel numb

i honestly don’t know whats worse

drowning beneath the waves

or dying from the thirst.

*  *  

but there is a certain beauty to broken things, isn’t there?



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The Mission

Beautiful poetry…


She walks in the forest

Silver moonlight in her hair

She’s oddly calm in chaos

And content in deep despair

She’s on a mission to find

Something that does not exist

A reason for her loss

Why she’s so easy to dismiss

She searches for the breadcrumbs

In tireless circles she roams

But the more she keeps on looking

The more she is alone

When just beyond the trees

A bright light draws her in

But knowing only loss

She fades into darkness again

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We Both Lost

Wonderful!! Wanted to share!

Juliet Rivor Poetry & Prose

She played to keep you

I played to always believe

You’d never do it

Today, as I walk away

I realize that we both lost

– tanka

– Juliet Rivor © December 2017


Don’t resent him. The one that deserves your heart won’t break it. A soulmate wouldn’t walk away.

Because you lost… that headache…

Don’t resent her. She thinks she may be the winner to have taken him from you.

It’s not the victory she thinks. What goes around comes around…

Thank her…

And that pain in your chest… it’ll lessen…

Now you can wait for something worth your time 😉


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The Moon in Her

Beautiful!! Needed sharing with all of you…
– Grabbety

She Who Couldn't Not

…and when she walked

Alone in the rain

The noise from the droplets shooting down

Tapping the pavement

Soon sounded out the

Voice of insensibility

Normally echoing


Ping-pong, ping-pong

One side of her skull to the other.

“You are nothing, you are invisible.”

It finally


Melted into the rain.

She felt the quiet sink

Into her skin

Like the puddles pooling in the wrinkles of her

Coat sleeves.

She wraps herself in it

The smooth and peaceful silence.

“I have missed you”

She whispers.

A spindly shadow

Saunters behind her

Disappearing into every alleyway

Reappearing only with an object to

Reflect off of.

This is familiar to her.

Because she always wonders,

Who would the moon be without the sun

Who holds her sparkle

Gives her glimmer

Breathes fiery life into her

Otherwise indistinguishable luster?

And that’s not to say that she isn’t

As beautiful in the dark

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My Tribute to Carrie Fisher

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Annlyel Online

Star Wars is a franchise that has lived and transcended generations. The cultural phenomenon began way back in 1977 and now, after 40 years, the excitement for this seemingly unending franchise is even stronger. The question is, what was it that made this science-fiction space opera resonate with so many people? Was it the lore of the story, was it the music, was it the characters? I believe there was a collaboration of all of these different aspects but the characters were a huge part of why A New Hope 40 years ago became such a global hit.

You had Luke, the simple farm boy who wanted to explore the stars and follow in the footsteps of his “dead” father. Then there was Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi, the wise mentor. You had the rascally Han Solo, a scoundrel at first meeting but a hero at heart.

And finally you have Princess Leia, which…

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