Getting lost in you, Is the best way to find myself... May I never leave... ©️ 2019 Grabbety Covens Image Credit: Pinterest

For You

Sometimes, somewhere in the midst of all those words, lies the heart of it all... and the rest no longer matters... they only guide us to the truth. ©️ 2019 Grabbety Covens Image Credit: Journal.ie


I am a fool, Trading passion for gold, Losing not just both, But destroying my soul... ©️ 2019 Grabbety Covens Image Credit: Pinterest


I know I love you, and you love me... but mine is so much more, than yours will ever be... I search for imperfections, to drive me away, but they only draw me closer, every mother fucking day... I suffer with a passion, that may never be returned, my soul is slowly dying, yet I …

The Return

I left you, without a second thought, to chase a life I didn’t want, not a happy second has gone by, since the moment I said, “Goodbye.” Chasing money; a puppy devouring his tail, thinking of heaven yet living in hell; and now I return, heart in hand; dried out, crumbled, pieces of sand. Begging …


Every now and then, somebody comes along, who sees through our mask, and reminds us of who we really are, and if we’re lucky, we get to hold on to them for a lifetime... © 2018 Grabbety Covens The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

Just The Same

It’s two steps forward and thirteen back, just enough hope to think...maybe, but then reality strikes, and drives me to the point I no longer want to be sober, I want to numb everything, but there’s no escape there either... not really, just for a few fleeting moments, moments when pain succumbs to peace, and …


Nothing, Is what I am, Is what I do, Nothing, Are the thoughts not moving in my head, The words not forming as I type, Nothing, Is how I feel, Is who I am... © 2018 Grabbety Covens The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

If I Could Fly

If I could fly, leaving my troubles below, I wonder how far I would go, before I came back ‘round, descending to the ground, and into your arms, enticed by your charms... beautifully crafted fantasies, drafted from my own fallacies... I live the lie I thought was true, I can’t walk this life without you... …

Why is that?

Complications, I long for the time before life taught its lessons, But only if I keep the experience from them, A sort of edited rewind. To know of addiction without having to experiment, That experiment becoming a lifestyle, The lifestyle leading to the grave, Early, Oh, To know the sweetness and the wretched depravity it …