The Return

I left you, without a second thought,

to chase a life I didn’t want,

not a happy second has gone by,

since the moment I said, “Goodbye.”

Chasing money; a puppy devouring his tail,

thinking of heaven yet living in hell;

and now I return, heart in hand;

dried out, crumbled, pieces of sand.

Begging for forgiveness, once again;

praying, like a fool, you’ll take me in.

Promising I’ll not leave, hoping it’s true…

for I’ve never loved, the way I love you.

I was wrong, but it’s happened before;

once, is an accident; twice, I’m a whore.

Never cheated on a soul in my life,

yet, when it comes to words…I lose sight…

Please don’t take me back, leave me to die…

not deserving a tear from your eyes;

pathetic, in misery, I should stay…

watching you,


ruthlessly walking away…

©️ 2019 Grabbety Covens

Image Credit: Pinterest

Hello All,

I’m tiptoeing my way back in. I’ve been gone a long time and have probably lost readers, and friends I’ve made here on WordPress. I’ve read some posts, and realize I’ve missed so much. I don’t know how much I’ll post or how often. I haven’t written the first thing until this, this morning…I’ve got some work to do, I know.

Much Love To You,



2 Replies to “The Return”

  1. Well this is beautiful and dark but also full of desire to reach that elusive something. I have missed reading you and honestly, your writing feels like it has wanted to escape your fingers for a long time! And you know maybe a few of your older followers are gone or absent or who knows but those who come to you again now you’re back will be the….how to put this….quality friends! 😂 like moi!
    Be well and so happy that I’ll be reading you again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It’s good to be back. It’s invigorating to read posts again…and writing is so cathartic. I’ll be doing more but not everyday; not yet. It’s wonderful to know you’re still here and writing as passionately as ever! Missed you my friend…truly.

      Liked by 1 person

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