If I Could Fly

If I could fly,

leaving my troubles below,

I wonder how far I would go,

before I came back ‘round,

descending to the ground,

and into your arms,

enticed by your charms…

beautifully crafted fantasies,

drafted from my own fallacies…

I live the lie I thought was true,

I can’t walk this life without you…

reality is,

I’d rather go through hell with you,

than face the truth…

you’re poison to my soul,

but I cannot let you go,

you’re the answer I have,

to a question no one asked,

what’s this life for?

I was so sure…

but I was a fool,

and this…love…is too cruel…

I’m caught in your landslide,

where chaos and mayhem reside,

attracted to the right of wrong,

your perilous siren song,

gets me every fucking time,

stops me on a dime,

replaying the same old scenes,

until every part of me screams…

misery loves company,

punishment requires gluttony,

If I could fly,

I’d just return to your cage…

seems I can’t escape your rage,

when hell is all you’ve known,

it becomes home…

that’s where the heart is,

and I can’t exist,

without you here,

or live a day without tears,

is it fear that keeps me bound?

hovering just above the ground?

I want to break free,

but desire drives me to my knees,

hope abandoned my soul,

I’ve no where else to go…

but back into your poisonous web,

like I never lost a step,

just my sanity,

and grasp on reality,

only my sin remains,

and this god damn pain…

© 2018 Grabbety Covens

Photo Credit:

  • Emma Harper
  • AJ Hinojosa
  • Thomas Herzog

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