I’ve made a few,

but my greatest,

no doubt,

is you,

gone from my hand,

and I never knew you were there…

you were,

and are,

too good for me,

way out of my league,

so I acted like I didn’t care,

but I didn’t know,


my god,

do I care,

but you’re no longer here,

and I’m left with nothing,

but the thought of what almost was,


and regret,

because I’m the fool

living with the mistake,

instead of you…

© 2018 Grabbety Covens

Hello my friends. It appears…I’m back. Hopefully with a vengeance…or at least passion. I’m not sure I’ll be posting quite as often, at least at first. I have quite a bit of catching up to do. Visiting my friends’ blogs, who took the time to wish me well during my sabbatical, first. I’m deeply grateful you did so. You brought joy to me in an extremely dark time. Then I’ll visit everyone else. It will take some time. I’ve missed you all.



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