2018 First Quarter Collaborative Poetry Effort

I want to thank everyone who participated in the first collaborative poetry effort of 2018. The entries were fewer than before but the quality is astounding.

This quarter’s theme was, “to begin again, something must end…” Every entry must contain those words, somewhere within the entry. Here are the wonderful results from our fellow writers on WordPress.

Is there a creation,

Without destruction?

Do you ever reach


Without the begin?

Ever heard of sunrise

Without the setting sun?

Do leaves become green

Without falling?

Are there any flowers

That do not die

Only to bloom


Ever heard of spring

Without onset of winters?

Are the two inevitable truths

Of life

Ever uttered alone?

Birth without death?

The same wind that destroy in

A tornado,

Doesn’t it bring life with seeds

It blow,

There are no truth

Without a lie

Have ever welcomed

The new year

Without bidding the old one


And could you embrace the present

And the future

Without letting go of the past?

For all the new starts

There must be something

To end,

This is the lesson

We all need to learn

When something is broken

Only then it needs to be amend

There is no sorry

Without a mistake

If there is love

Then there is hate

Do not worry

If something needs to be end

Let it go

Make it a beautiful

The End

You don’t see the sun

Without the moon


To begin again,

Something must end,

Something must end.

The Lost Soul


To begin again,

something must end

a vicious life circle

and that is the trend;

you are conceived as  a hope

floating  as a stardust

in the skies

you take form as a hope

and the quest for the

life begins;

planning your precarious life

tiptoeing the mistakes and

holding onto your pride

the journey begins;

falling in the web of deceit 

and unhappiness

rummaging the soul

for the eternal salvation

the fallacy remains;

clutching your dreams

with those bony fingers and the

pallid face

the hope remains;

Nearing the end of the journey

you let go of all the pretense

floating towards the final


cause to begin again

something must end.

Megha’s World


Wouldn’t things be easy, if back to front they went?

From end to the beginning, a series of events.

Could we avoid the hurting, and could we savour joy?

If we knew from story’s outset, what our journey had in store.

But life just doesn’t give us, that peek at chapter’s end,

To begin again, something must end.

We turn the page once more.

This Made Me Smile Today



Times have come and gone

like winds blowing clouds about,

a dance so soft and pure.

Sands through an hourglass

or, filtering through our fingertips

that used to intertwine.

Love that has passed

I’m still reminded of a portrait

when glances weren’t arduous,

car windows opaque in

a steamy embrace,

and evenings of removing black lace.

Was this just a memory, or something 

Did I conjure up in my mind’s eye?

Tears trickle down from brown eyes.

Pieces of both hearts that once real,

suddenly ended in horrific ordeal.

Plagued by a scorned heart,

thoughts of it never being able to mend…

It was time to let go of the memories that taunt me.

To begin again, something must end.

I’m deserving of love’s second chances,

not afflicted by pain.

I long for the voyage to seek another to break the chains, like which of a proverbial fairy tale.

Where loves kiss awakens me by my Prince.

Beckie’s Mental Mess


to begin again

start over


begin to feel

not hide

or conceal

takes effort

a lifetime

change happens

slowly, ever so slowly

to begin again

something must end

that something is the fear

self doubt

self loathing

you learn to start respecting yourself

your life

your value in the world

to begin again


something must end

Therapy Bits


To Begin Again, something must end,

to start something New what preceeded it must be in completion.

Why you ask? Well if you start something New before tying up what came before, well this way madness lies, confusion ties us up!

So now you see, that to begin Again, to start anew, what came before has to End!!

Amanda Marsh


One more day, one more hour,

One more minute of your tiny hands in mine.

I would give anything to begin again

and watch your life unfold with

its beautiful newness.

But for you to call this life your own,

something must end,

and I let go.

Moe and Lou


Greek Chorus

a voice says

to begin again

another voice says

there is no beginning

caught between

the two voices

the Greek chorus


into the purple autumn

of your heart

i cry

i wait


the Greek chorus

to murmur

something must end


I will

love you


Short Prose


To begin again,

she must first rise

from the bloody mire.

Finding strength

to place the past

behind, as it is time.

Standing defiant

against those still

in denial around her.

Embracing the fact

that to move forward

something must end…


Paralyzed with doubt

longing for a changed life

A dark past envelopes

her senses blinding hope

Thoughts seeking light

hope creeping through

A sacrificial past in exchange

for living in just this moment

To begin again,

something must end…

Rio McKee


Life is a whirlwind,

to begin again,

something must end,

an infernal tailspin,

never knowing what is true,

is it taboo?

every plan falls through,

or voodoo?

a resilient spirit,

push every limit,

despite the appearance,

or how incoherent,

overcoming failure,

self resurrected savior,

reflecting nature,

to become greater,

adaptable to change,

extending our range,

is fate deranged?

can luck be exchanged?

Life is a whirlwind,

to begin again,

something must end,

the eternal linchpin…

© 2018 Grabbety Covens

What wonderful entries! Thanks again to everyone! These collaborative poetry efforts are so much fun!!


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