I’m Working On Being Whole

This speaks to me in a simply profounding way…we’ll written piece…


I’m barely whole; a void that only seems to grow. A widening gap swallowing me completely; has it always been so dark in here?

I don’t know when it decided to make my soul its home, I don’t know why I let it stay for so long.

And trust me I’ve tried. I’ve tried to fill it, with brief moments of bliss. I almost forget about it, and for once, I’m complete.

You had a void within, one that resembled mine. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to you, the idea of us being puzzle pieces, finding each other by accident in complete darkness.

Intoxicated by my fantasy, I failed to see just how maddening that was. Needing another hollow heart to fill mine. In hindsight, neither of us were capable of giving – only pretending.

You always knew we were doomed, and maintained a distance from the very beginning…

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