Is anybody here, a writer?

Photo Credit: Selman Pala

I recently participated in a collaborative poetry piece called, “Letting Go.” With Forgotten Meadows. It was fun to do and the finished stream of pieces entered made for an interesting read. I’ve been thinking of doing something similar. I made a comment on a friend’s (Sketches By Nitesh) post about a sketch he published for Inktober. The comment contained the line, “a metallaic lady, running silent, running deep.” He replied that it was a lovely line and I should finish it. I thought, you know what it’s not a bad writing prompt. We decided to do separate attempts with pieces containing the line.

Well, now I’ve decided to open it up to you as well. If you want to join with us and see what we can all come up with together, then write an entry for my collaborative publishing. 

Your entry must contain this line, “a metallic lady, running silent, running deep

When you’re done, send your final entry to:

You can enter more than once. I’ll accept entries through November 4, 2017. I will attempt to publish it by Monday, November 6th.

I’m hoping for a good response…If Nitesh and I are the only ones…so be it, but I know you are some very talented writers and together we can come up with something special!
© 2017 Grabbety Covens

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