IMG_2662Photo Credit: Thinkstock

Voluminous grand canyons,

towering precipices, pikes, peaks,

tips kissing the atmosphere;

vast salty seas filling

treacherous suffocating abysses;

waves crashing endlessly

into sand, desolate deserts,

home of hazy mirages of grand life,

on a tiny blue planet orbiting

a rather tenuous star, amongst

billions in a milky galaxy,

spiraling through a universe

so gloriously colossal our minds

barely grasp the profound reality

of the limitless infinity that is beyond us…

so instead we dismiss it as useless…

and fight over the insignificant

blue speck that is ours,

destroying the very home

on which we live…

Copyright © 2017 Grabbety Covens

via Daily Prompt: Planet

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